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Group Activities


Being a part of NFLT means being part of a true community of support. Both the youth and the parents form friendships with a variety of other families (including kids of all ages, 0-18!) through the many opportunities we have to play, learn, support, and grow together.

NFLT has an online communication resource (forum) through which our families:

  • Ask questions for guidance and support;
  • Share ideas, resources, and experiences;
  • Post about community and NFLT events;
  • Develop relationships that extend beyond NFLT activities into things like robotics teams, youth clubs, athletics or arts groups, getting together for community events, meeting up at parks or libraries, etc.

2016 Fall Campout The following is a list of just some of the NFLT-sponsored events enjoyed over the years as well as some extension activities that are not sponsored by NFLT but are developed by our members who plan, organize and keep track of RSVP’s using the forum communication tool.

NFLT Activities

Events marked with an * are NOT NFLT-sponsored events
  • JULY
    • Summer Family Dance
    • Summer Co-op
    • Topeka Dog Show Fundraiser
    • Not-Back-To-School Picnic
  • Valentine's Day Party
    • Fall Family Campout
    • Fall Co-op (begins)
    • Fall Co-op (continues)
    • Fall Hayride
    • Teen Halloween Dance
    • Halloween Party
    • Fall Co-op (ends)
    • Fall Showcase (co-op class and member displays and presentations)
    • Winter Holiday Party
    • Teen Holiday Party
    • Winter Family Dance
    • Talent/Art/Hobby Show
    • Valentine Party
    • Spring Co-op (begins)
    • Teen Spring Event
    • Egg Hunt
    • Earth Day Celebration
    • Spring Co-op (ends)
  • MAY
    • Spring Showcase (co-op and other member displays and presentations)
    • Curriculum Fair
    • Spring Family Campout
  • JUNE
    • Tie-Dye in the Park
    • Teen Lock-In
  • 2017 Spring Co-op
    • Board Meeting
    • Youth Book Club*
    • Teen Book Club*
    • Recess/Community Center*
    • Art Classes*
    • Homeschool Band*
    • Park days*
    • Teen Night*
    • Parents' Night Out*
    • Homeschool Gymnastics*
    • Field trips organized by parents*
    • Service projects*