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Northland Families Learning Together (NFLT) was established as a secular support group by a few families in 2005 to provide opportunities for their homeschool children and families to connect with each other through activities and group meetings.

Since that time, NFLT has significantly expanded not only the number of families we serve but also offers an incredible number of opportunities to connect within our community network. Over the years, our members have created more and more activities so that now the NFLT group sponsors more than 20 annual events - including three co-op class sessions (Fall, Spring, and Summer) - that are each organized by member families.

Currently, NFLT member families use an online forum communication tool to organize field trips, activities, and other adventures throughout the year. We also have an NFLT Homeschool Support Group Facebook page which provides reminders of events that are coming up soon.

Boys talking at hayride


The founders of NFLT felt strongly about organizing a group that would be welcoming to all with the intent of supporting homeschooling families who were looking for a group whose emphasis was not on religious teachings. They wanted to form a group that was secular and inclusive. That tradition continues with our stated purpose:

“Northland Families Learning Together exists as a secular support group for Home Educators in the Greater Kansas City area. NFLT exists to provide support and educational and social events to the KC homeschooling community. This organization will not discriminate in any way, and is inclusive, offering support to any homeschooling family regardless of religion, race, educational method, lifestyle, geographical location, or economic status.”


NFLT is comprised of approximately 100 member families, including youth ranging in age from babies to late teens. The membership is diverse in many ways, including homeschooling approaches, family size and make-up, spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic status, and location in Kansas City and surrounding communities.

Our membership year follows the Missouri state academic year (July 1st through June 30th). Please refer to the "Activities" page to see examples of exciting social and learning opportunities available to NFLT members all year long. With so many families involved, there is a plethora of activities to interest just about anyone!

Spring 2013 Campout

Most great ideas for the group occur organically through member families communicating with each other at gatherings and/or on the forum. In addition, NFLT is governed by a five-member board of directors that are member parents who volunteer for the positions. The board helps with organizational upkeep and maintenance including things like filing business paperwork, attending board meetings, helping new families sign-up, coordinating event volunteers, managing the budget, etc. NFLT is a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Missouri.



To help determine if NFLT is a good fit for your family, we offer a free 30-day trial membership. During this trial, you will have full access to the NFLT forum and your family may attend all NFLT activities available during that period.


Full membership allows:

  • ongoing support and guidance from our large community network;continued access to the NFLT forum (our primary communication and planning tool);
  • year-long access to a broad range of activities including NFLT parties, events, co-op classes, field trips (take advantage of group discounts at locations/events your family is interested in!), etc;
  • parent and student homeschool ID cards; and
  • voting privileges and the ability to volunteer to serve on the NFLT board.

If you choose to join NFLT, the membership fee is $30.00 per academic year (July 1-June 30). Please note that some NFLT activities require an additional attendance fee, but these fees are kept as low as possible.


NFLT Members participate in an active online forum experience to:

  • share resources, ask questions, and learn from each other’s experiences;
  • develop ever increasing ideas and opportunities for field trips and other fun activities;
  • plan, organize, and track NFLT and other events,
  • connect our families in communication on a regular basis.

Spring 2017 Co-op


As a group we recognize that coming together affords us more opportunities to enrich our overall homeschool experience. These varied opportunities provide us with the connection so many of us desire as we embark on this road less travelled. Together we can play, learn, and love our homeschooling journey!